Our mission

Pure religion is this...


Offering Hope & Transformation through Jesus Christ to this Generation!

Since 1956, the Ministers and Leadership in the Church of God in South Carolina have had a vision to minister to children and families by providing a safe and secure home in which children are nurtured, loved, and most importantly shown the Hope that only knowing Jesus Christ can bring!

We are a haven for hurting children….the South Carolina Church of God Home for Children is committed to providing a wholesome, well-balanced life for every child in our care, and a family-structured program that teaches Biblical values, morals, and love.

We could not possible provide food, shelter, clothing, education, medical and therapeutic services, mentoring, and 24-hour care for our residents without generous donations from individuals, churches, and organizations. With your help, we can change this generation and future generations to come!

Do you know a family in crisis or a child in need of help? Our admissions process is simple, and we are here to help you in any way that we can. Please call the office at 864-967-8987 to talk with us further.


Tim A. Kerns
Executive Director

James 1:27

James 1:27